Johannes Malkamäki
– comedy magic
and hosting in English

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As a child, I attended an English elementary school in Kenya, and that’s how I learned to speak English fluently. I often perform in English, and my magic is suitable for foreigners. The way I perform and create humor is not bound by culture. When hosting, I can naturally switch between Finnish and English as needed.

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Filled with laughter, suspense and wonder, his show and close-up magic embraced our company's spirit and both astonished and entertained our guests!

His ability to perform fluently in both Finnish and English was great for us.

We strongly recommend Johannes as a magician, mentalist and entertainer to liven up any celebration.

A hilarious mix of mentalism and modern magic will crown corporate and private parties with a live show that amuses and amazes even the skeptical audience. A humorous and brilliant performer for parties, galas, wellness days and social gatherings will make your company’s event memorable. A fun magic and mentalism show relaxes the atmosphere and sparks conversation among the audience that often continues the next day: “How is that even possible?”

With my humor, I strive to make it feel spontaneous and to not embarrass anyone. My mission is to deliver an elegant show that makes the audience and the magician laugh together. The secret to a humor-filled performance is that I plan the script ahead of time by anticipating how the assistant and audience will react in different situations. In the show itself, comedy will seem impromptu and fun created in moments. A funny, unique and relatable performance is a perfect show for parties and will be remembered by the guests for a long time.

Johannes Malkamäki's show was absolutely outstanding and our international guests were very impressed. It was great that Johannes had incorporated so many different elements into one show and that guests could participate.

I warmly recommend Johannes' show to different company events!

What is close-up magic?

Are you looking for a performer for your party and want to delight your guests with magic right under their noses? Close-up magic is a form of magic that makes even the most skeptical guests rub their eyes. In close-up magic, I stroll from table to table and perform tricks that provide them a unique magic experience. Interactive close-up magic will leave the guests guessing how the seemingly impossible can suddenly become possible.

Close-up magic is something different for parties, and it’s magic at its best: the audience will see everything up close, making the performance moving and striking. Close-up magic emphasizes the importance of interaction. In addition to hand tricks, the magician must react quickly: close-up magic requires quick words, reactivity and constant control of the situation.

I host company evenings, networking events and informative day events. I strive to be warm and respectful of the nature of the event and theme – my mission is to engage the audience and enjoy themselves. An event host must also be able to improvise and be prepared for the unexpected.

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Are you looking for a host for your event but also need a show? A magical host will delight and liven up your event with striking mentalism, magic, and humor appropriate to the occasion. I naturally sprinkle magic between hosting so the atmosphere stays lively. Depending on the customer’s wishes, I can also mix in close-up magic, where I will entertain the guests at their tables. A magical host is suitable for both day and evening events.

Johannes Malkamäki juonsi erittäin onnistuneesta kansainvälisen verkostoitumisillallisemme, jolle osallistui 800 ulkomaista vierasta.

Hänen kieli- ja esiintymistaitonsa olivat loistavat ja illan aikana toteutetut taikatemput ja lähitaikuus toivat erinomaisen lisän illan ohjelmaan – voimme suositella lämpimästi!

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